For singers in need of a short-term, intensive crash-course – I offer my Singer Bootcamp. This allows vocalists to cram, last minute, for an important upcoming audition, event or gig. Master songs or learn vocal technique, your choice. Or maybe you’d like a mix of both! You bring your A-game and I guarantee massive learning and results.
Students may attend Singer Bootcamp online or in-person at my studio in Charlotte, NC.
What you get:
♡ 9 hours of voice lessons in 3 short days (3 hours per day)
♡ A free copy of my ebook - A Pretty Voice
♡ Encouraging text, email or card each day (3 total)
♡ 5 minutes of confident singer affirmations (MP3 download)
Studying Online
Whether in the US or International, online voice lessons have become a convenient and practical way to study voice, all from the comfort of your own home. Many students love/prefer the hassle-free option of online voice lessons!
Online lessons require the following:
• Fast internet (ethernet recommended)
• Reliable computer/ipad
• Simple earphones w/ mic
• Quiet space
Cost of Singer Bootcamp:

Required – positive attitude, dedication and basic musical talent. For more info, see my YELP REVIEWS.

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