Voice Lessons

Welcome to my voice studio website! Voice lessons are a life-changing experience of musical and personal growth. My healthy singing techniques are rooted in Italian bel canto & speech-level singing style, with my specialty being in effortless, strain-free, beautiful singing. 
What you get during a 1-hour lesson:
♥ 20-30 minutes of vocal warmups
♥ 20-30 minutes of song mastery
♥ Sight-reading, ear-training and musicianship (optional)
♥ Confidence, personal growth & performance expertise
My students are typically dedicated teen/adult singers, specializing in classical, pop, jazz or musical theater genres. Beginner through advanced singers are welcome. 

I offer lessons online or in-person (Charlotte, NC).
Studying Online
Whether in the US or International, online voice lessons have become a convenient and practical way to study voice, all from the comfort of your own home. Most students love/prefer the hassle-free option of online voice lessons!
Online lessons require the following:
• Fast internet (ethernet recommended)
• Reliable computer/ipad
• Simple earphones w/ mic
• Quiet space
♫ $60 for 1 lesson
♫ $299 for 5 hours of lessons
♫ $599 for 10 hours of lessons
Weekly timeslots are available M-Sat. Pay below, and I will contact you within 3 days to book your lessons. For best results, study 1-2 hours per week.

A positive attitude, dedication and basic musical talent are required in order to remain in my studio. For more info, read my YELP REVIEWS.

Voice Lesson Options

To learn more about Jennylyn's 3-day intensive SINGER BOOTCAMP - click here!

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